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Ajay Poshak

About Me

  • Work in BookMyShow as Front End Engineer
  • I live in Mumbai, India
  • I 🧡 building nice user interfaces.

Side Projects ▶️


ES6 Modules, DOM APIs

It is a JS plugin that helps you create onboarding experience for your amazing UIs using coachmarks. Just add the DOM attributes to your page and you're good to go.

Snake Game

ES6 Modules, DOM

It is an interactive snake and crumb game written in vanilla JS. I have used classes extensively for different parts of UI rendering. To synchronize data among different UI parts, I have used publisher- subscriber based data modeling.


ReactJS, Redux, Webpack, Babel

It is a Progressive Web App clone of Redbus, written in React & Redux. I have used webpack, babel and express to do server-side rendering. Among other things, It has lighthouse score above 90.

Drag n Drop Todolist

Drag n Drop API, Local Storage, ES6 Modules

In this todo list, cards can be moved around using drag and drop. It stores all the task related data in localStorage. I have used ES6 classes for modular UI.

Open Source Contributions 💻


Reported and fixed an issue in their build system where they were not publishing ES6 modules for ESM builds


Needed to use loading attribute to lazy load image on Chrome, so opened a PR to library itself so that entire community can benefit from it.


Helped maintainers to port its type system from flowJS to Typescript